Saturday, November 3, 2007

Model: Skyler Blake / Cumbot: Sybian

Dungeon Corp contract slave Skyler Blake is one beautiful foxy babe. She is tough and confident, has a spectacular body, and is a literal beauty by all definitions. It is at times; really difficult to take your eyes off of her once you get a look. All the more reason we are extremely thrilled to have her here at Cumbots... Skyler begins by telling us a little about herself, we soon learn that she loves to masturbate, enjoys dildos and toys and has quite a collection of them. Then we get a real treat as Skyler strips her clothes off and we get a long hard look at her flawless body. You'll soon find out that she has an amazing figure head to toe, including a set of spectacular tits and a nice round ass. After Skyler gets her lucious pussy nice and wet for us, she climbs up on the Sybian and flips the switch. And we stand back and watch in awe. As the Sybian roars away in thunderous fashion at Skyler's cunt and clit, she can only close her eyes and hang on for the ride of her life. Clawing at her nipples and arching her back, Skyler submits to multiple orgasms...

Model: Hailey Young / Cumbot: Black Magic

After we put her through some rigorous paces, smoking hot Hailey Young, is gagged and bound to a chair with her lucious legs spread. Then, we place some TENS pads on her pelvis and electric clamps on her erect nipples. After we lube her up, we throw the switch on Black Magic. As the machine starts working at her tight pussy, we ram a pole mounted magic wand against her clit. Succumbing to such a vast array of sensations, Hailey throws her head back and has multi mega-orgasms that must be seen (and heard), to be believed.

Model: Morgan March / Cumbot: The Invader

Lovely Morgan March is back for more in our newest update. After we strip her down to nothing but some thigh high stockings, we toss her on the bed and tie her down. Next, we fire up The Invader and let it run it's course. As The Invader builds steam and picks up the heat, we take a pole mounted magic wand and place it up against Morgan's clit. With all bases covered, and nowhere to run, poor innocent Morgan can only do one thing: submit and cum in an explosive fashion.

Model: Candy Manson / Cumbot: Sybian

After a very long wait, Dungeon Corp contract slave Candy Manson makes her debut to the site, and we are thrilled to have her! Candy is a gorgeous blonde, with a killer body and great boobs. She gets us started by posing for us in her skimpy little white outfit on command. After she bends over for us a bit, she strips off her little top and unleashes her hellishly impressive tits. Then, the panties are dropped and we catch our first glimpse of her sexy ass and meaty pussy. WHAT a view! Candy, then warms herself up by feeling herself up and playing with her pussy. Once she gets herself good and wet, she breaks out a dildo and vibrator. After inserting the dildo deep into her pussy, she gets the vibe going full blast on her clit. Then we hand her the violet wand and she gives those glorious tits some electro therapy. The end result is an "electrifying" orgasm.

Model: Natalie Minx / Cumbot: Black Magic

Fetish model extraordinaire Natalie Minx returns ready for for action. Dressed in a slinky black dress, Natalie is a sheer knockout. Watching her strip down is a jaw dropping experience as we witness her milky white skin and massive mams. She warms us up a touch by touching herself for the cameras. Then, she brings the heat to the boiling point as swallows the dildo while fingering herself. For the grand finale; Natalie bends over and takes Black Magic deep and hard doggie style. The faster it pumps, the more she moans until she ends in a screaming orgasm.

Model: Ginger Lee / Cumbot: The Invader

The sweet, southern belle, Ginger Lee is back again. This time she's dressed in a hot little baby blue number. Before we get her out of it, she tells us she loves the cowgirl position. Then, she gets to stripping down for us and warming herself up for the Invader by toying with her little pussy. With her pussy moist, it's go time. Ginger slips the Invader's head into her cunt, and lays back. As the Invader's builds up steam and momentum, her moans and groans get increasingly louder. Until finally, it all culminates in Ginger giving in to a massive orgasm.

Model: Lorena Sanchez / Cumbot: The Invader

This week we have the sexy Lorena back for her time to be bound and fucked. We tie her spread eagle on the bed, position the Invader, and place a vibe to make it intense for her. We start slow and she wants more and more, so we give it to her. We lost count of how may times this bombshell orgasmed, but every time was better than the one before it. This was a total orgasm overload!